San Diego Vacation Blog Day #6: BONSI…and green beer

Today was kind of a chill day. Seeing how it is St. Patty’s Day, and we have a scheduled happy hour with old work people, the Wife and I chose to take it super chill today. To be honest, this might be the shortest blog of the whole trip because we didn’t much of note today.
Like I said, we have a happy hour (why it was scheduled for St. Patty’s Day I have no idea) with some old work people tonight. Since we know these people very well, the Wife and I know that we are going to be way tired after hanging with these people. We wanted to conserve as much energy as possible. All these people know how to party. It’s like it’s in their DNA. The Wife and I just don’t roll that way anymore. We can’t hang.

We squeezed in another workout this morning. After our workout and breakfast we finally got out and moving around. We decided to spend our morning and early afternoon walking around Balboa Park. We both love Balboa Park a lot. It’s so peaceful and beautiful there. The atmosphere is just so tranquil, and the awesome architecture of the buildings is just a thing of art. The one unfortunate thing is that all the museums cost and arm and a leg to go to, and that’s a bummer to broke people such as us. That’s the great thing about D.C., all the great museums are free. Since we could not afford to go to the museums, we ended up going to the Japanese Friendship Garden. This was an awesome choice.

The Friendship Garden was an excellent choice. I had never been to the garden, but I’m glad we went. The garden was so serene and beautiful. It would have been perfect if you couldn’t hear the traffic on the freeway just across the canyon. But I was totally able to overlook that noise and just be in the moment. I very little about being Zen, but I think walking around the garden was about as close as I had ever been. The most enjoyable part of the garden was the Koi pond that was in the middle of the garden. I could have sat there for hours and watched those fish swim around.

After we finished walking around the garden we headed over to the Spanish Art Bazaar between Balboa Park and the Zoo. This was right up the Wife’s alley. Anything Latin or Spanish and the Wife is totally in. With our tour of Balboa Park finished we decided to head out to another of our favorite eateries for lunch, Phil’s BBQ.

We use to love going to Phil’s when we use to live here, but lately the Wife has been craving it on the East Coast. We’re sure there are some good BBQ places out our way, but I don’t think anything will ever compare to Phil’s for the Wife. It’s kind of the same thing with me and In-N-Out. No matter what you put in front of me, it’s just not going to work. They may be good, but they’ll never be great. Lunch was absolutely fantastic. We sat there and just enjoyed our food and the moment. The Wife was so into her bbq ribs, that she didn’t even care that I was watching the SDSU NCAA game on TV while we were out to eat. Usually she always tells me to stop staring the TV when we’re out together, but not today, she’s just savoring her Phil’s BBQ.

Since we had some time to kill after lunch before our happy hour was supposed to start, we decided to head back down to Sea Port Village, but more importantly our bookstore. We bought some more books and just hung out there for a bit. We’re nerds like that.

After finishing up at Sea Port Village we made haste for North County. The happy hour was set at the usual hang out spot for these old work people; the El Toritos in Mira Mesa. Why we’re going to a Mexican restaurant for St. Patty’s Day is beyond me. I mean, we should be at a pub or something. There are plenty of Irish pubs around. Hell, there is one all of 10 feet away from El Toritos. Oh well, the happy hour was cool anyway.

So many people showed up. There were people there that both the Wife and I didn’t even know, but someone in the party inevitably knew each other. While it was a fun get together, it was so exhausting. So many people were pulling the Wife and I all different kinds of directions. I feel like we told the same stories about a 100 times each. Every person wanted to hear “why we moved,” “where we are now,” “tell us about the wedding,” “how do you like it out there”, and “when are you coming home?”

It was so great to see some old friends from my days back at CTI. While the evening was fun, we were so exhausted when it was over. The Wife and I grabbed a tea with boba (or bubble tea) from Tea Station and called it a night.

Even though it’s St. Patty’s day the Wife and I wanted to call it an early night because we are getting up early tomorrow for our trip to Disneyland. I’m sure I will have way more to blog about after that trip.

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