San Diego Vacation Blog Day #4: Seriously dude, you’re creeping me out!

The Wife is finished with all her work business, so now let the vacation begin for the Cruse’s. We took full advantage the absolute lack of any obligation whatsoever this morning, and slept in. We had all these grand ideas of getting up early and rolling out to La Jolla to eat breakfast at Harry’s, but let me tell you what, when that alarm went off… got turned off, and we didn’t get up until around 10:30am. Man did it feel good to just sleep in.

We never ended up eating breakfast. Which, when dealing with the likes of us is a dangerous game to play, as we both tend to get really cranky when we don’t eat. Luckily we had plans to meet up with some of the Wife’s old work associates for lunch at 12:30pm. We ended up spending the rest of the morning just kind of sluggishly moving around the room and packing up our stuff. We had to check out of this hotel and move to another, as the first one was covered by the Wife’s work account, and the rest of the trip is on our dime. And frankly, we can’t afford to stay at hotel #1 on our dime.

By the time lunch rolled around we were kind of reaching DEFCON 3 on our crankiness scale. We met up with some of the Wife’s associates from her former job here in San Diego at the Souplantation in Clairemont. I never realized how much I love Souplantation. That place rocks man. I mean how do you beat all you can eat salad, 10 different kind of soups, 4 different pasta dishes (including the some of the best damn mac and cheese I have ever had), and to top it off ice cream for dessert? It was really great to catch up with Ken and Pam, the Wife’s work associates who have become mutual friends of ours as well. They are some of the nicest and warmest people I have ever met.

After lunch the Wife and I decided to take a drive through our old neighborhood since we were already in Clairemont. We really miss that neighborhood. We had a great place right off the I-5 and literally seconds from Mission Bay. Our apartment was a nice unorthodox 2 story apartment (the living room was on the walk-in floor, and the bedrooms were downstairs) overlooking a beautiful canyon. We use to love sitting on our balcony and grilling any time of the year, unlike in Washington DC where we currently reside, you can only grill outside maybe 6 months out of the year because the rest of the year is damn cold. We had everything we needed right around our old apartment. Plus and added bonus, we had a Cotijas right across the street from out place. How awesome is that?

It was a nice, yet a hard trip down memory lane to take. While it was great to think about all the good times we had at our old place, I could not help but also be reminded of some the horrible reasons why we had to leave. Which were mainly because of my family out here.

After the drive the Wife and I headed over to the new hotel we will be staying at for the duration of this trip. The hotel is actually pretty nice. Don’t get me wrong from the statement I made earlier in this blog, it’s not like we’re dirt poor or something, it’s just hotels jobs pay for are always going to be nicer that one you pay for on your own….unless you got it like that; which we do not.

After checking in at the hotel the Wife and I tried to figure out something to do during the afternoon to occupy some times before we went to dinner. We ended up deciding on going back out to Clairemont to The Family Fun Center to play mini golf. Yes, I know the San Diegans reading this blog will say, “But Mike, it’s called Boomers now, not Family Fun Center.” And to that I say, “Bullshit!! It will always be known as the Family Fun Center to me. Forget this Boomers crap.” So, I hope that clears some things up for you.

I called my friend Mark and he said he would meet us down there to hang and play some golf too. After waiting for over 30 minutes for Mark to show up we went on without him. The Wife and I did what any well respected paying customer does when partaking in mini golf at FFC. We played all the courses even though we only paid for 1 round of golf. That’s just what you do.

Our first stop was Storybook Land. Things started off real well for me. I had a healthy lead on the Wife and was looking to cruise to an easy victory. But all it took was a couple of bad holes, and the Wife catching her stride, and I am sad to report I was defeated in the first round of our mini golf open championship. I vowed revenge as we moved onto the final course; the Wild West Course of the tournament.

After getting through half of the second course I said to myself, and out loud, “Where the hell is Mark?” I called Mark, and when he answered I asked him that very same question. Well it turns out my friend sat down on his bed to get ready to come meet us, because that’s what normal people do when they are getting ready to leave, and he ended up falling asleep. Wow, I could not feel more at home as I did at that moment; Mark flaked on me, lol. Oh well, I could not get distracted at the time because I had my opponent on the ropes in this final round of mini golf and was looking for the knockout blow. I ended up beating the Wife in the final round of our little tournament, which sucked in a way because ties are the worst. But, leave it to the Wife to notice that even though she lost the second round, if you took both rounds and added them together, she still had the lower score by 1 stroke, and she took this time to declare herself ultimate winner. That’s right everybody, that’s how my Wife rolls. She’s always got an angle.

The Wife and I wanted to spend this evening just the two of us, and do something kind of romantic. We picked one of our favorite places to eat (Anthony’s Fish Grotto in downtown) as our destination for this evenings dinner. We were so excited to go. This place has always held a special place in our hearts as we have some great memories of date nights there, and it was the last place we ate the night we left San Diego almost 3 years ago.

The setting was perfect. We had a great table overlooking the sunset on the bay, and the vibe of the place was exactly the same. Overall we had a good time tonight, but we were a little bummed as we feel there had been some menu changes while had been gone and didn’t find all of the choices we were used to.

I have to tell you though, the food and the ambiance were not the highlight of the evening though; our waiter was. This guy was the creepiest waiter I have ever seen. When he first approached us to take our drink order both the Wife and I knew there was something off about this guy. First off, he had a super creepy smile, and he talked in a very low voice that you almost had to lean forward to hear. Second, this guy would just stare at you while you were talking, and even when you weren’t. Now, I’m a huge fan of people looking at me when I speak, but this guy would leer at you, even when you were finished ordering and thought he should walk away, he was still there staring at you, all the while with that creepy smile. The final, and most disturbing thing this guy did, was say the word “delicious” after everything we ordered, and when he dropped it off. All the way from “Here is your delicious Coke” to “Here is your delicious salad”.

Normally, I would just make some sort of joke like, “How does he know it’s delicious? Does he taste our food in the back before he brings it to us?” But I think he actually was. Just when we thought the Creep-O-Meter could not go any higher with this guy, we were wrong. He asked us if we wanted dessert, and of course we said yes for fear of what he might do to us if heard the words “no”. The Wife decided to get a coffee drink (the coffee drinks on the dessert menu that contain some alcohol or another) and made the mistake of asking our waiter if the Caribbean Breeze was any good. The guy looked instantly uncomfortable in this line of questioning, and had the look of utter struggle all over his face. Gone was the creepy smile, and all that remained now was a look of confusion and terror. But then just like that, it was gone and back was the creepy smile, and along with it came the response, “My girlfriend thinks it’s the best drink we have.” Then he just walked away.

The Wife turned to me and said, “You think he actually has a girlfriend?” To which I responded, “Well, I’m sure that’s what he calls her. Just as sure as I’m he tells her to enjoy that coffee drink, and then instructs her from the top of the hole she’s in to put the lotion on the skin before it gets the hose again.” We ate our dessert and drank our coffee drink quickly, but not too quickly as to let Buffalo Bill know that we were on to him. Luckily neither one of us experienced any after effects of chloroform in our food, so we figured the creepy waiter was happy with his 15% tip, and no longer required our skins for his coat, lol.

The Wife and I decided to close out the evening by taking a nice stroll around Sea Port Village. This has always been one of our favorite spots for nice romantic strolls. It also doesn’t hurt that the Wife loves to go into The Mugger (the mug shop) to find her next purchase for her expansive mug collection. We also got a chance to stop by our favorite book store The Upstart Crow, which also happens to be in Sea Port Village.

Today was a pretty mellow day, but full of great memories. Going to head out and touristy stuff tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun.

  1. #1 by Sara on March 17, 2011 - 3:27 pm

    I didn’t know Steph was into mugs too! Yet another thing we have in common. =) I miss Seaport Village so much. I have a lot of very happy memories there. Upstart Crow is da bomb, too!

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