San Diego Vacation Blog Day #2: Did anyone get the license of that truck?

Oh perfect!! We finally arrive in San Diego and I awoke the next morning feeling crap. Not just from exhaustion from travel, but stuffed up and all kinds of pressure in my head. The fatigue from travel left me feeling like I was hit by a truck, but the nasal congestion was the killer. I was so pissed. I could not believe I was getting sick at time like this. To top it all off, the weather was absolutely gross. When we woke up and pulled open the curtains I was expecting to see a beautiful sunny morning; you know, San Diego weather, but instead we found it was cold and cloudy. This was not a good omen for this trip.

The Wife decided to take advantage of the gym here at the hotel this morning. She’s obviously the smart one in the relationship. She keeps saying, “If we’re going to eat at all our favorite food spots this week, we need to work out twice as hard.” I didn’t go to the gym. I guess that in the one up side to feeling like shit. I have an excuse to skip the gym.

After the Wife returned from working out we decided to venture out. We had made plans to go to lunch with one of my best friends Andy. We had not seen him since our wedding almost 2 years ago, and before than it had been almost 2 years as well. I was so excited to see Andy, and to finally meet his girlfriend I had been hearing about for the last year.

The wife and I decided to stop off before lunch to get some of our favorite beverages. Our first stop was for the Wife. She was craving a Mint Chocolate Moroccan Late from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Mission Valley. She was fiening for that think like a crack head man. Just as she was about to take her first sip I swear I could picture her as Tyrone Biggums from the Chappelle Show. White lips and all saying “Oh, I want some crack,” lol. I joke, but to tell you the truth, I’m not much better.

After we finished with the Wife’s stop we headed off to fulfill my cravings. My drug of choice was my strawberry smoothie from Jamba Juice. Yes, I said Strawberry. Don’t judge me. The Wife and I sat outside Jamba Juice, enjoyed our drinks, and just took in what had now become a sunny morning. It was like the big guy upstairs heard me bitching about the weather and was like, “HEY!! Stop your bitching man, I got this.” And there it was; beauty.

While we were just sitting in silence and enjoying everything around us a car of young guys pulled up….and ran into a tree that just happened to be about 20 feet ways from where we were sitting from. No lie. This car pulls up, does all the normal things you do right before you park, and then all of the sudden…WHAM!!! They accelerated right into a tree no more than 5 feet in front of them. It made the loudest noise ever. It actually sounded like they slammed into another car. The Wife and I, along with about 10 other pulled jumped a bit at the sound, but continued to sit there and enjoy our drinks, relatively unaffected by the event as we watched the obviously half-stoned members of the vehicle climb out of the car and mosey on into Jamba Juice. Forget the car, I got to get my smoothie on!! Aww, good ole San Diego, how I’ve missed you.

After our even filled morning, we headed over to my old hood. The place where I spent the majority of my high school, and post high school years (minus the 4 years in the Army), La Mesa. Andy has always kind of stayed in that area, as did I for the most part. Just driving through the neighborhood I started to see all the changes in that had taken place, even in the short amount of time I had been gone. I am going to name some example here, so for those of you who are reading my blog, or have just happened to stumble upon it, and have never been to San Diego just indulge me for a second, and use your imaginations.

While we were driving to lunch with Andy and Sara, I saw that the old Grossemont Theaters (which opened when I was in middle school, and where I spent a considerable amount of my childhood) had been turned into condos. Not the actual theater mind you, that is now a group of restaurants. But the surrounding area, all condos. I didn’t even see any sign of the trolley anymore. I assume it was still there and probably ran behind the units. Kind of like a poor man’s metro system. It was crazy.

Anyway, lunch with Andy and Sara was fantastic. I love hanging out with Andy. I’ve known the guy for so long, and is has always been one of my best friends. A real loyal and down to earth friend. Sara was just lovely too. She was so nice, and I can see why they are good together. It was good to see Andy happy with a significant other. I’m not going to put Andy’s business on front-street, but let’s just say he hasn’t always had the best luck with ladies. They tend to take advantage of his niceness. But not this time, Sara was a complete doll.

Steph and I headed back to the hotel after lunch to rest and then head out to dinner with my Aunt Lara and Uncle Al. But first we had some issues at the hotel. While Steph was taking a shower in our handicap accessible room (lol), she was having issues with the shower and had finally had enough. We decided to change rooms, and when I called down to the front desk the clerk said it would be no problem to change, but then asked me, “But will you still need your handicap amenities,” to which I responded, “No, we never needed them in the first place.” Anyway, we ended up moving rooms, and all was well.

Steph and I decided to head on down to Fashion Valley and walk around a bit before we met up with my family for dinner. Most times I am completely adverse to walking around the mall, as I live my life by a philosophy “If I can’t buy anything, why the hell do I need to walk around the store?” You know, normal “Man Thought.” But not the Wife; she can walk around stores forever and never buy anything. But this time I didn’t care so much. Who knows, maybe it the San Diego vibe rolling through me, lol. I didn’t care, right up until she wanted to walk into Macy’s. Then, I was pissed. I work for, and hate Macy’s. The last place I want to be on my vacation is in a Macy’s. But, the Wife hit me with those beautiful eyes of hers, and I backed down as usual.

After our tour of the mall we headed over to one of our favorite places to go, P.F. Changs and met up with my Aunt and Uncle for dinner. It was a great dinner. The conversation was fantastic, the food was great; it was an all-around great time. My Aunt and Uncle are the only family out this way that still talk to me. I don’t want to get into family drama on my vacation blog, but it’s nice to know that someone still cares enough to want to see me when I’m around. It was a really great dinner.

Steph and I wanted to try and get to the beach as much as possible while we’re out here. Which is a new concept for me, as I hate the beach. Not so much the beach as a whole, but just the people down there and the environment sometimes. We ended up missing the sunset because I got a little turned around trying to get to the beach, but we still were able to walk along the beach and take in the beauty that is the Pacific Ocean.

All in all great first full day here in San Diego. Gong to meet up with some friends tomorrow, and I can’t wait.

P.S. Oh yeah, before I forget, a very happy birthday to one of my very best friends Sara (half pint)

  1. #1 by Sara on March 14, 2011 - 6:34 pm

    Thanks for the shout out, brother. =)

    And yeah, isn’t the condo deal in the trolley lot just weird looking? We saw that when we were out in March of ’09 and it tripped me out. I miss that theater. Saw some great flicks there, and had some awesome times in that complex.

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