Honeymoon Blog Day #6: This trip was….oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, the right stuff

Well, that dreaded day has come finally. It is time to pack up and head back to reality. Aw, how can I ever go back to my everyday life, and job, when I have just spent the most outstanding week in Barbados? It’s kind of funny, Steph and I walked around the unit this morning happy, yet kind of sullen, not quite wanting to admit that we were heading back in a few hours.

We strolled down to enjoy our last breakfast here in Barbados. The usual suspects were all there, sans Atticus. The “Debbie Downer” lady asks us about our zip lining trip. We recounted it to her with barely contained excitement and enthusiasm, and she barely even flinched. She just said it sounded scary. Man, learn to have a good time lady.

After breakfast we slowly made our way back to our room. Almost as if we figured the slower we move, maybe time would slow to a crawl and we could extend our trip longer. No such luck. Steph decided to squeeze in one last poolside visit for an hour or so, and I discovered that though they refuse to show the American side of ESPN throughout the afternoon and evening, they still were decent enough to show Sports Center in the morning. So, I caught up on all the draft news from the night before.

I saw what the Chargers were up to…..really hope this kid from Fresno State is all he’s cracked up to be. He better be for us to move up in 16 spots in the draft to get him. I also see the big shocker of last night’s draft; the Jesus Christ of the NCAA Football, Tim Tebow got not only got drafted in the 1st round ahead of 3 other QB’s rated above him, Denver traded back into the 1st round to get him. That’s crazy. Let’s see, what else happened last night? Oh yeah, Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) handed down a 6 game suspension to Ben Rapelisberger…er sorry, Roethlisberger. That’s nice, some girl gets violated (again!!), and he gets to kick it for a few games. That’s justice for ya.

The time finally arrives. The cab has arrived to take us to the airport. I take the time on the drive back to again just kind of take in the sites of this beautiful island, and reflect on my own outlook on things.

Getting through customs was pretty easy. Steph reassures me that this was the easy part, and to not get my hopes up as getting back into the U.S. via Miami was going to be the painful part. While we were standing in line at customs I see this guy out of the corner of my eye and can swear that I know him from somewhere. He’s kind of short and stocky and is pretty covered with tattoos on his arms and what not. I keep eying him now and again, but trying not to stare as I don’t want him to think I am leering at him and looking for an island hook-up, lol.

I finally lean over to Steph and ask her if he looks familiar to her. As she is looking, I say, “He kind of looks like he should have been in a boy band like Backstreet Boys or something.” To which Steph replies, “No, he looks older than that. He kind of looks like…” and before the words even get out of her mouth I realize it’s Danny from New Kids on the Block. You remember the one member of the group no one cared about. Ok, so maybe you don’t remember him then, lol.

Just then I smiled and leaned over and said to Steph in a sarcastic tone, “Where are the rest of the New Kids”, the guy Danny was talking to turned around, and the whole line saw it was Joey Mcintyre. Holy crap!! Joey and Danny, both in Barbados? Wait, something has to be going on here.

At first we weren’t convinced it was Joey because he kept twitching like he had touerrets or something. It was kind of weird. Not only that, but the guy (Joey) looked totally emaciated, like he hadn’t eaten in years or something. The dude looked sickly. But I recognized his voice right off the bat. Maybe he was trying to do his best Donnie Wahlberg impression from The Sixth Sense. Donnie, now that’s the New Kid I wanted to see.

My suspicions were confirmed anyway by a group of middle aged ladies (and that’s putting it nicely) who came up to Danny (because Joey had the smarts to bolt after customs) and asked him if he was who they thought he was. After our brief celebrity sighting we went to grab lunch in the food court.

After we finished our lunch Steph and I made our way over to our gate. We continued to joke (mostly me, because Steph didn’t really care) about NKOTB being in Barbados. The funny thing was last night we heard a band playing a party near our hotel. They played a bunch of Bare Naked Ladies songs. Steph wondered aloud last night who the bad Bare Naked Ladies cover band was. I’m starting to wonder if it was a bad cover band.

Now I said earlier that Steph didn’t really care much about the New Kids sighting as it was only Danny and Joey. She tells me that she had always had a crush on Jonathan Knight, the slightly older, quieter brother to Jordan. Now, if he was there she would care. Then it happened. As we were talking we saw Jordan Knight walk by followed by Jonathan. I thought my wife was going to faint right in front of me. She got all flustered. It takes a strong man to be ok with seeing your wife get all hot and bothered by her childhood crush, lol.

I encouraged her to go and talk to him and see if she could get a picture with him (again, strong man). She could not bring herself to do it, she was so nervous. After some nagging on my part, and a few lines like, “Come on babe, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When are you ever going to say that you will see your childhood crush up close and personal again”, she finally went and did it. She is so proud of that picture. One funny side note: so while we were sitting at the gate a young girl (probably in her mid-20’s) walked up to Danny, Joey and Jonathan to get their autographs. Not too long after all this, I see Danny totally trying to skeeze up on her later, and she was eating it up. Ahh, some things never change. I guess that’s how it is when you’re hanging tough, right?

It turns out NKOTB was on our flight (well, 3/5 of them were. The ones I already named). The flight was pretty standard. I just spent most of my time reading my book. At least they played a decent movie this time; “Up in the Air.” You can go back and reference my opinion of this movie in Blog #1 of the Honeymoon.

When we landed in Miami I finally got to see exactly what Steph was talking about. Customs was an absolute nightmare. The first stage was pretty easy. A guy looked at our passports, asked us a couple of questions, and bang, we got let back into the U.S. It kind of made me wonder, “It’s really that easy?” Then we went to the hell hole known as the baggage claim area. Now that was a freaking disaster. You had to collect your bag, then shuffle through a small area with a bunch of other people that just got off international flights. It almost made realize what cattle felt like. It was exactly like that. After you got through that area you then had to go through security all over again. UGH!!! What a nightmare. Alas, we made it through with little issue, a few bumps and annoyed feelings toward others aside.

Once we finally got to our gate we sat down to grab a bite to eat. I was watching the tv near the gate and just saw that Arizona has passed this BS law they call an immigration law. Wow, I am so disappointed, yet not surprised. This new law will allow police officers to demand to see some sort of identification from anyone they deem “possibly illegal”. I love how Republicans accuse the President as well as anyone else who are Democrats of being Socialist and even Communist as of late. Just reference the favorite sign of the Tea Party members (formally known as the Tea Baggers); you know the one of Pres. Obama with the Hitler mustache. By the way, how seriously am I supposed to take a group of knuckleheads that willingly choose the name Tea Baggers? Anyway, I ask you this, what’s more Socialist, or especially Communist then saying to someone “Show me your papers?” Think about it for a second.

Alright, enough of that crap, this is a supposed to be a stress free blog. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!!!

We finally arrive home today at about 2am on Saturday morning. I’m glad to be home, but I wish I was in Barbados still. Wow, I know I said it before, but I will say it again; that trip was an experience of a life time and I will never forget it.

Thanks for following along on our little honeymoon adventure. I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we had living it, but somehow I don’t think that is possible. Take it easy peeps.

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