Honeymoon Blog Day #4: A little to the left…. yeah, that’s the spot

Well surprise, surprise to me.  I guess there was really some motivation behind all the constant “sun block” nonsense with the wife yesterday.  Steph set up a surprise couples massage for us.  That’s awesome.  I’ve never had a professional massage before.  Steph has been talking about us getting this for, I don’t know how long now.

We start off our day the same as the others.  We headed down to the hut to enjoy breakfast, and the company of Atticus.  While talking to Atticus this morning, we find out he has his PhD.  I never would have guessed.  Not for any reason like he didn’t seem like he was smart enough or anything, but it just never crossed my mind.  The conversation reveals this dude is really smart, and a film junkie too.  He just keeps climbing higher and higher on my list of people I like, lol.

There is also this couple we see everyday at breakfast too.  They are a man and his wife, a young boy and one of their mothers, I’m guessing the wife’s mom.  They all talk with deep European accents (maybe Norway, Sweden or even German – I can’t really tell), but say they are from the U.S. too. 

Steph and I have spent a lot of time kind of just watching and listening to these people every morning.  I can’t really tell if they’re having a good time or not.  I will tell you what though, their kid seems like he is making it a not-so fun time.  He’s kind of a handful this one.  You can tell he runs the show.  He does what he wants, when he wants.  It’s also clear that the wife (not mine, just wanted to clarify since I always refer to Steph as “the wife”) is a real “Debbie Downer” man.  She always seems to have something negative to say about the trip.  I think to myself “why did you even come here to Barbados if you’re going to be so down?”  I find it impossible to be the least bit negative in Barbados.  But with her, every little thing is like “Oh, I could never do that.”

Anyway, every morning the wife asks Steph and I what we did the day before.  We always gladly explain, and she promptly always says how that would be impossible because of their kid, or how they wouldn’t want to do the things we’re doing.  And I think, “Well, sucks to be you man.”  I can’t quite understand why you would come to Barbados with a little child, under the age of 10 that is.  I can see coming if your kids are teens, or even pre-teen.  They can enjoy the stuff we did too, but even then I think I would steer clear of bringing kids down here.  I mean, Barbados doesn’t really seem like a “family” attraction.  Go to Disneyworld if you want that stuff.  Another thing too, I mentioned to Steph that I found it a bit funny that why did they bring the mother-in-law if she couldn’t led a hand for a day or two so that the husband and wife could do some “adult activities?”

After we finished our breakfast, and had enough of Doom and Gloom over here we caught our cab to get our massage.  I was so excited, as was Steph.  Steph booked the massage at another resort called The Sugar Cane Hotel.  Sugar Can is a little over 30 min away (with traffic that is) from our hotel.  Again, we have a funny-ass cab driver.  He jokes with us about being from the States and driving on the wrong side of the road, stuff like that.  He also says that he guarantees we will be back; maybe even not want to leave by the time this trip is up.  I tell him “Pal, you have no idea who you’re talking to here.  I wanted to stay here before I even got here bro.”  He laughs and tells us that’s how it is with everyone that visits.  This make me think of our fellow breakfast couple I was talking about earlier.  They said this is like the second or third year in a row they have come here, yet they seem so miserable.  Maybe it’s a European thing, I don’t know.

We finally arrive at our most anticipated destination.  Steph can barely contain her excitement.  This was going to be good.  We have been so stressed lately; you can just feel it in all your joints.  The attendant shows us around and kind of tells us about the services they offer there at the spa.

Now it’s time man.  The attendant shows us to our locker room area.  This is where I went from excited, to extremely nervous.  She tells me to take my clothes off (all my clothes) and put on the bathrobe and this little cloth skirt thing.  I felt like I was back in Roman times with this thing on.  At this point I’m realizing that there is only a small layer of cloth between my eventual masseuse and me.

Oh, but the fun does not stop there.  Once I walk into our couples massage room, the lady tells Steph and I that the thin layers we just put are to come off too.  So, now we are to change into our birthday suits, then lay a towel over us and wait.  I was like “Say what!!”  I was thinking “So, now there is even less of a barrier between me and her.” I was not so sure how comfortable I was about someone other than my wife over here being that close to Heavy D and the Boys, you know what I’m saying?  But, Steph and I were like “Screw it, you only live once right?” 

When the two masseuses entered I was nervous as all hell.   But all that noise was killed real quick once the massage began.  I was so freaking relaxed; I didn’t have time to, or even cared to worry about anything else.  I was in relaxation heaven man.  I was so relaxed she could have discarded the towel all together and I probably would have never noticed.  This was probably one of the coolest things we did on the trip.  And to tell you the truth, as soon as it began, it was over.  That hour flew by quick.  I mean, I remember her massaging all the different areas (keep your mind out of the gutters people), arms, legs, neck and back, but then it was just done.

Steph and I both laid there for like another 5 minutes or so.  We were so relaxed, I don’t think we could move, lol.  We eventually went and sat out by the dipping pool (after we put our robes back on of course) for a little sun.  After that we hit the steam room for 10 minutes or so, then showered and went back to our hotel.  It was a short, but fantastic afternoon.

After we got back we went and had lunch at the hut.  We caught up with Atticus and another couple from England that was having lunch too.  Now this couple was fun to be around.  They were an older couple that had been together for a while, but had just got engaged the night before.  They were really funny.  We all enjoyed some rum punch and just joked around for the afternoon.

Eventually we went our separate ways, and Atticus went home for the day.  Steph and I went and sat by the pool for a bit. Steph obviously stayed longer than I did.  I swear, if we could have set up a bed out there, she might have stayed out there the whole time, lol.  She loved the pool.  I went upstairs and caught a little nap before we headed out for dinner.

We kept it simple for dinner tonight.  We just headed into Holetown again.  We first went to this little place called Surf Side.  We had heard they had good drink and food, plus I wanted to check it out because they had a sign that said they show all sporting events worldwide.  This made me think they might show the draft tomorrow night.  It ended up not really being our kind of thing.  It was more of a bar than anything else.  The food selection was just ok, so we decided to just grab one drink then head across the street to the always trusty Just Grillin’.  Can’t go wrong there. 

After dinner we just came home and relaxed. We both had some wine and had a quiet evening reading our books.  All in all this was a fantastic day, which is becoming the norm down here, lol.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  It’s our last full day here, and our last activity.  We are going zip lining.  Now this should be interesting, seeing how I am so very excited for this, yet also so very afraid of heights.  Hopefully I make it to the next installment of this blog, lol.    

Peace out!!

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