Honeymoon Blog Day #3: Canadians know how to party man!!

Wow, check that out.  The view we had yesterday from our bed is back this morning too!!  I’m not trying to rub it in people, I’m just so freaking happy right now.

It’s the same story as yesterday, with breakfast and the early start to the day and all.  Today’s adventure should be nothing short of awesome.  We are going on a catamaran cruise to do some snorkeling.  We’ve been told we should see some sea turtles (hopefully).

We’re barely up and going and I already have Steph on me to make sure I’m using enough sunblock.  I have only two modes, super white and super sunburned.  She’s always on me about sunblock.  I mean, it’s a little much sometimes, but it’s not like it’s without reason though.  I’m a total guy like that.  I’m always running into things like a jackass.  So, I guess in the long run it’s better to have someone there who loves you to give you crap when you don’t listen, then not to have anyone at all.  Did that make any sense?  Anyway, to sum it up I put on a bunch of sunblock.

It’s the same scenario from yesterday; the transport picks us up, along with other people and takes us to where we need to be.  Today we get one of the marinas on the island, but not the one with all the big ass yachts we saw yesterday.  The marina we’re at today is more of a half tour site, and half industrial site.  I think I even saw like the Coast Guard boats they use here.

We had to fill out the forms that said we would behave ourselves while on the boats today and that we would not engage in drinking of alcohol of any kind.  But see here’s the thing; we were told yesterday that this is a “booze cruise” as well as a snorkel trip.  Something tells me that this for we filled out today was more of the “CYA” variety, lol.  Not only that, but as I filled out the form, not 20 feet away I see the boats we will be riding on, and they have fully stocked bars….both of them, with more alcohol than you could ever imagine.  This should be interesting.

Steph and I climbed onboard the boat and we were nothing short of giddy as little kids.  We sat and waited for the other bus-loads of people to sign their waivers, and then for some reason decide to mill around and not get on the damn boat.  I almost wanted to yell “HEY!!!  Jackass, get on the boat so we can go!!”  But, then I remembered we were in Barbados, and relaxation and easygoing is the way of life, so I just chilled.  We started noticing that a large amount of the passengers were walking across our boat and loading the boat next to us.  I was really starting to wonder why.  I mean, it wasn’t just a couple more; it was like a 3-1 ratio.  Either way, people on both boats started hitting the rum and the rest of the alcohol right off the bat man, and at this point it was only like 10am.  I guess whatever floats your boat, right?

After we finally pulled off I asked one of the guys on the boat what the difference was between our boat and the packed boat next to us.  I guess Virgin Atlantic does some packages with their tickets, like other airlines Steph informed me.  These packages will include the airfare, the hotel fees and some other items you can choose from.  So I guess there was a certain amount of people (Virgin Atlantic customers only) that were supposed to be on the boat we were on, but many no-showed or canceled, so they took some passengers off the other boat and put them on our boat (us being some of those picked passengers).  And let me tell you what, I am glad we were among the passengers picked, because it truly was a 3-1 ratio.  Our boat had 26 people; the other boat had 75 people.  F that man.  That’s way too many people.

The journey on the boat was so cool. We sailed along for awhile just taking in the scenery.  We finally reached a nice beach where we pulled up and anchored.  The captain told us that we were free to jump off the boat and swim around the boat in about 20ft water or go walk along the beach.  He did warn of extra-curricular activities in this area.  I wasn’t really sure about what he was talking about, that was until we jumped in the water.  About 10 min after we got in several Bajan men pulled up on jet skis offering for us to take the jet skies out on our own for a certain price.  I guess the deal is if something were to happen like crashing the jet ski or you getting hurt you have to wait for the Bajan police to show up and file a report.  Since the catamaran company is not affiliated with these activities, they will not wait for you, so they warn against them as a whole.  We did not partake.  We were just fine hanging out in the water.  The water by the way was the saltiest water I have ever been in.  It was crazy.

The crew cooked lunch for us, and after that we were off again, now to our first snorkel site.  At this point we have been on the boat for maybe 2 hours.  Everyone was enjoying themselves, having some drinks, taking in the sun.  But, there was one group of people that were “enjoying” themselves just a bit more than everyone else.  These individuals were some of our (U.S. that is) friendly neighbors to the north.  After talking to them for more time than I wanted, I discovered these party animals were from Montreal, Canada.  The group consisted of 2 ladies easily in their 50’s, maybe early 60’s.  The rest of the clan was young adults, and I use that word very loosely as they acted like kids, but the older ladies acted worse.

This group of people got soooooo drunk, it wasn’t even funny man.  Well, yeah it was, but it was also sad.  Now, I understand people may be thinking “Hey, they’re on vacation too, looking for a good time.”  I get that, but as the older ladies got more and more intoxicated they started using the men on the crew like their personal rubbing posts.  These ladies appeared to be horny as I don’t know what man.  It was nuts.  They were just so loud and eventually obnoxious.  Anyway, enough of that.

We eventually reached our first snorkel point.  We got to see some really cool stuff.  There were all kinds of exotic fish and sea life all around us. They took us over a “sunken ship” area in the water.  I put that in quotes because it was clearly fake, but still cool nonetheless.   We also got to see some really cool coral not to far from the ship spot.  After spending about 30 min at the first spot we loaded and moved on to our final snorkel spot.

At snorkel spot #2 is where the real action was.  We got to see sea turtles up close and personal.  The crew came in and dropped food in the water and the turtles came right up to us.  It was so awesome.  The only bummer part was that at first there was only one turtle so everyone was kind of crowding around and bumping into one anther (all with the turtle) to get so close to the turtle.  That kind of took the fun out of it.  And surprise surprise the main people doing the shoving were our loud friends from the north.  Oh well.  We got some really cool pictures of the turtles, even with the not so great conditions.

After all the fun and excitement with the turtles, it was time to head back to dock.  For Steph it was time to just kind of relax and take in more of the sites and sun, for me it was time to relax and lay my head down on my wife’s lap and maybe catch a couple of quick Zzz’s, but for our Canadian friends, it was time to frickin’ turn up the intensity.  You see, they saw the end of the free booze coming.  So they literally tried to finish it off.  I’m serious.  Even when we pulled into dock and all the people started packing up to leave, they were still trying to order drinks man, it was nuts!!

We headed back to the hotel for a little R&R before dinner.  Even though we were not directly in the sun all day, we were pretty wiped out, or at least I was.  Man, I must be getting old.  While Steph made another trip to the pool, I plopped my butt on the couch and tried the TV again.  Before clicking to ESPN I said a little prayer hoping maybe God is a football fan too and that I would find some NFL Draft Analysis on, or even some Sports Center would do…..here goes nothing (click)…..nope, more soccer.  Damn-it!!

Dinner time finally rolls around.  We are finally going to get to go to a restaurant that we have been hoping to try, because for some reason they are closed Sunday and Monday.  The place is called Cariba.  It is a nice quaint little place, which really looks like a house from the outside.  It is a very romantic place for dinner.  The people there were so nice (like everyone in Barbados I swear).  We had a great dinner.  Steph and I both got this chicken that was breaded in coconut.  It was really good.  Another cool thing is that you would never guess by the size of the place (because it’s kind of cozy and small) but the entrees come out looking like Bobby Flay made it himself; some serious presentation going on.  Steph tells me that she read that the chef is classically trained.  How cool is that?  He could be anywhere making good money, but instead he comes back to Barbados.  That’s awesome.

All and all it was another awesome day down in the Caribbean.  Tomorrow is kind of a day off for us, we have nothing planned, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.  Until we meet again……PEACE OUT!!!

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