Honeymoon Blog Day #2: Whoa, was that a monkey?!?

So here we are, day 2 of our honeymoon.  But more importantly, it was our first “good morning” on the beautiful island of Barbados.  And let me tell you what, so far in my life, I have not seen anything as beautiful as the view from our bedroom balcony early in the morning here in Barbados.  The view consists of palm trees, clear beautiful skies, and crystal blue waters.  And all this can be seen before my fat butt gets out of bed.  Have I mentioned how awesome this is?

The wife and I made our way down to breakfast around 8:30am this morning.  Our hotel (The Beach View) has a great little building (which they refer to as The Hut) for guests to have breakfast and lunch at.  It’s, well, a hut right outside of the pool area.  The hut is managed by a wonderful chap by the name of Atticus.  Atticus is nothing short of fantastic.  Very friendly and charming, and he goes out of his way to make you feel so welcome.  He completely fits in with the vibe of Barbados.

We had to get going early because this morning we are heading out on an island safari tour.  Now, Barbados doesn’t “really” have a lot of jungle, so the safari thing is a bit misleading….but, let me tell you this trip was fantastic.  We started by going to other hotels to pick up the rest of our safari companions.  The group consists of 3 Brits, 1 young lady from Slovenia, 1 lady from Canada (and for you Conan O’Brien “CONANADA”), and the wife and I were the only 2 yanks on this trip.  Don’t know why I felt the need to break down all the passengers’ home of reference, but, there you go.

Our tour guide was a Bajan man by the name of Ivan.  I meant to ask him how he got the name Ivan, but I forgot.  I only say that because Ivan is not a name you expect to here in a predominantly black culture, but whatever.  Ivan was very funny.  Cracking jokes the whole trip. 

Once we had everyone in the jeep, Ivan took us around the parishes (states to us) of the west coast of the island. We visited Holetown (Saint James Parish), which is where you will find a large portion of the more touristy type of feel, hotels and restaurants and what not.  We eventually went to Speightstown (Saint Peter Parish), one of older areas on the island.  In between these two areas is where most of your celebrities build their winter getaways.  We saw some pretty extravagant houses, and even crazier yachts in marina.

While leaving Speightstown we saw these trees that had thick red lines spray painted on them.  Ivan explained that the government did that to warn people (citizens and tourists alike) not to stand under or even near these trees.  Apparently, the leaves on these trees emit a milky substance that literally burns your skin.  No kidding.  The funny thing is right as Ivan is telling us this; a man drives up for his afternoon nap and hangs out under said tree.  We all got a laugh out of that.   

We had stopped shortly after this so Ivan could make our jeep more weather friendly.  By this I mean it was kind of sprinkling earlier in the morning so he had the tarp side down on the jeep, but the rain finally stopped, and it was freaking humid back there.  While we were waiting everyone was just talking amongst ourselves, when all the sudden I see something out of the corner of my eye running across the road.  I then yelled out “Look, a monkey!!!”, because it was a monkey.  No one else saw it but me. I kind of felt like everyone was looking at me like I was crazy, but just then another one ran across the road.  See, I’m not crazy.  We find out from Ivan that monkeys are all over the island, and considered pests.  In Barbados it’s legal to kill monkeys if you catch them.  I guess they eat a lot of the fruit so the government says it’s ok to kill them.  That sucks.

We eventually made our way over Crab Hill (Saint Lucy Parish) and then on down to the lesser populated, but amazingly beautiful Bathsheba (Saint Joseph Parish).  We came to an area in Bathsheba that was a cliff-like area overlooking the east coast of the island.  There were no beaches in this area, just cliffs that the waves would come crashing down on creating some of the most beautiful displays of nature.  We paused here for a break, and an opportunity to walk around, see the sites, take in all the wonder, and to imbibe in some of the local drink, rum punch, lol.

The bulk of the day was spent sightseeing.  Not to minimize the things we saw, but it was really just one beautiful thing after another.  As we got closer to the lunch portion of our day we stopped at another rest stop where we could use the restroom.  Just a bit up the road from that, we stopped again.  This time, I as bit confused like “Why are we stopping 10 min later? We just stopped.”  But I’m glad we did.  At this stop there were a handful of local citizens offering an assortment of trinkets for tourists.  But the best attraction there was a local gentleman with a monkey!!!  If you bought one of his wares, or made a simple little donation, you could take a picture with the monkey.  You know damn well I was all over that man.  I didn’t even care what he was selling, I was going to buy one just to get a picture with the monkey.  But it turns out he had some pretty cool bracelets.  I got one, and then I got my picutre with a MONKEY!!!  Nice, I was able cross off one of my items on the “Things to do before you die” list.

Toward the end of the day we headed to a spot for lunch.  We ate The Sunbury Plantation House (Saint Philip Parish).  This is a former plantation, and now turned museum and restaurant.  They are also a popular wedding spot for people in and visiting Barbados.  After lunch, the trip was winding down to an end.  What a trip it was too, so many beautiful sites.

After we returned to our hotel it was time to chill out for a bit before dinner.  Steph and I went down to the pool for a bit of sun and a little swim.  When dinner time rolled around the wife and I got all gussied up and headed into Holetown.  We decided to do the official “Honeymoon Dinner” at a place called The Beach House.  It was nice, right on the water, and all the seating was in an open air environment.  We spent the whole night just talking, enjoying good food, and listening to waves crash in on the rocks not 20 feet from us.

On one negative note, I am beginning to despair that I am not going to watch the NFL Draft this year.  I know I know, I shouldn’t be worrying about this during our honeymoon, but come on man I’m still a guy who loves his football.  We do get ESPN in our room; unfortunately it’s ESPN International (i.e. all soccer, all the time).  Hopefully they will switch over on Thursday night for the draft.  But, I guess if that is the extent of what I have to complain about, things are good right, lol.  Looking forward to tomorrow, snorkel trip and swimming with the turtles people!! 

Peace out.

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